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Rogues' gallery
(Down The Rabbit Hole)

The day RCA gave me the keys to The West Coast A&R Dept as Executive Producer.

From Right to Left; President Ken Glancy

(a doll, no BS guy), Me (looking very cute, even if I say so myself. Ha!). Over my right shoulder the enigmatic Mike Berniker - who brought me in - lovely man and had the patience of Job - produced Barbara Streisand “ People” - far left, Mel Ilberman. 

I had a great run there.

Clarence McDonald made sure I was immediately hooked up with all the wonderful cats.......picked me up at LAX in a white MBZ limo with blue curtains wearing a purple velvet cool hat at a jaunty angle telling me .......” I wanna make sure you arrive through the front door”....WOW!


I learned a lot from ‘Mac’...

This is dedicated to Clarence 'Mac' McDonald, forever my Brother. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 12.15.32 PM.png

The Mugshots 

Pig Iron 

In Allee Willis' first written lyric!

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