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Our Mission

To help Artists, musicians and songwriters realize their dreams.


Our team


As an award-winning record producer of more than 80 albums over the last 45 years, Alan Abrahams has worked with some of the most notable artists, songwriters/composers, and musicians in the music business and film industry, including such notable artists as Joan Baez, Kris Kristofferson, Les McCann, Taj Mahal, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Dolly Parton, The Memphis Horns, The Blind Boys of Alabama and 14 top Gospel albums that topped the Billboard charts.

Alan is a five-time Grammy nominee.  His productions have topped the Billboard Pop, Jazz, International, and Country charts.  He has worked with noted composers such as the late Jerry Goldsmith on the Academy Award-winning soundtrack to The Omen and with multi-Academy Award winner John Williams on a benefit compilation for Save The Children Foundation.

Alan continues to consult using his expertise in music publishing and music licensing and also specializes in the area of sampling (interpolation) working and with more than 150 samples licensed from a multitude of artists, publishers, and labels, including Jay-Z, Naughty By Nature, De La Soul, Mobb Deep, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, Tribe Called Quest, Slick Rick and Warren G. 

As a former executive producer for RCA Records, Alan was part of the team that brought Hall & Oates to RCA for a string of hits and oversaw day-to-day production operations for the roster on the West Coast. In his early career, Alan spent many years as a touring musician, opening for such acts as BB King, The Allman Brothers, and Janis Joplin.



Representing the East Coast operations, Sonia Hughes has worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups and brings a high standard of professionalism to everything she does.  "Bringing order to chaos is what I do best!"


Sonia sees the big picture and helps to keep it all together, while also keeping the creative juices flowing.  "I like to think of myself as an enabler".


Sonia has had a love for the arts from a very young age. "Going into the studio and seeing how the Music is made has been one of the greatest privileges of my life!"  When Artists meet Sonia, they can see her creative soul shine through.



Representing the West Coast operations with extensive knowledge, passion, and love for music, Ms. Vanderplate began her career behind the scenes at a young age. By the time she turned 18, she had toured many parts of the world, exposed to today's most authentic, raw, and colorful music.

There is no genre she has not been a part of, be it Salsa, Gospel, Reggaeton, R&B, Funk, or Jazz. For over 15 years, she has assisted in facilitating vast productions through Television, Film, and Music.


Major credits include:


Universal Music Group

Capitol Records 

Warner Brothers

Do Rite Records

Alan Abrahams 

Táta Vega

Michael Jackson

Lana Del Ray

Andraé Crouch

Elton John

LeAnn Rimes

The Netflix documentary "Quincy." 

Oscar-winning "Twenty Feet From Stardom" 

The Academy Awards 

The Independent Spirit Awards

With her keen attention to detail, Chloé's love for the arts shows in the work she puts into the projects she is a part of.-- With her admiration for Mr. Abrahams and his profound roots and appreciation for artists and their works, she continues to stay inspired to accomplish the primary mission at The Abrahams Company; "To continue to do what you love, with the people you love." 

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